{Sports Event} The Tour of Britain rides into town

Mid-September saw the return of the Tour of Britain cycling race to the roads of England and Wales. This is the British version of the renowned “Tour de France”, and while it is, of course, smaller scale than the French version, it is nonetheless a really fun event for spectators, and a great opportunity to see these professional riders doing their thing. I urge everyone to try and get to a stage next year to see the riders fly past – you can’t help but be impressed by the power, the speed and the stamina of these guys.

We headed out to see one of the hilly sections, out in the beautiful peak district. Stage 2 of the tour started and finished in Stoke-on-Trent, and went through the beautiful hills of Derbyshire, the peak district and Staffordshire. With some stunning scenery as a back drop, we chose a spot between Longnor and Flash, shortly after the second “King of the Mountains” point in the race, and we weren’t disappointed when the race finally arrived with us.

Tour of Britain, stage 2

First up were the race stewards and police motorcyclists, checking that the road was clear for the riders behind them.

Next up was the lead group of riders, followed by their team cars, and finally, the Peloton and their team cars.
Tour of Britain, stage 2

Tour of britain, stage 2, peloton

The speed at which these professional cyclists powered along was just awesome. I don’t know how they keep it up for the whole duration of the race, day after day.  It was also good to see some TV coverage of the Tour this year – thanks to ITV 4 we got to see the highlights of each stage every evening.

These images, and others from stage 2 of the Tour of Britain are available for purchase via DreamsTime

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